X STEEL Detailing - Consulenza e sviluppo del dettaglio costruttivo, strutturale ed energetico


Our activity of technical consulting covers the following areas:

  • feasibility and constructability of construction details to obtain the best structural solution (TEKLA STRUCTURES)
  • F.E.M. modeling of structures
  • analysis of degradation of existing structures and subsequent verification of static and seismic vulnerability
  • design and analysis of structural steel connections through the software C.S.E. with which it is possible the modeling of any type of node, its F.E.M. analysis, and its verification according with international codes (Eurocode 3, AISC-LRFD, BS-5950, SNIP II, IS800: 2007)


3D modeling of construction details for steel structures through the use of the software “TEKLA STRUCTURES” which offers the possibility of obtaining executive drawings (prefabrication and assembly) and interfacing directly with workshops of metallic carpentry providing them data files that can be directly used by CNC machines. According to the B.I.M. philosophy, this software allows for the checking of any possible interference between structural and architectural models as well technological systems, and the possibility to attach the list of materials needed for an economic assessment.
This kind of 3D modeling is also used for construction details of some concrete structures where a careful study of the interference between the reinforcing bars is necessary in order to have a better control on constructability.


Design of steel, reinforced concrete, masonry and wood structures for the civil and industrial field, concerning new constructions and existing constructions. Our service starts from a preliminary study of the problem dealing with the architectural designers and installers, to obtain the best structural design. The second step is to build up the finite element model in order to check the quality of the design hypothesis and to choose the best structural analysis. The structural modeling is made with the following softwares:

  • SAP 2000
  • C.S.E.