X STEEL Detailing - Consulenza e sviluppo del dettaglio costruttivo, strutturale ed energetico

Our Philosophy

Based on our decades of experience as Civil Engineers we have embodied a design philosophy at the core of which is the care and design of construction details: the “heart” of every project. With the same passion and accuracy as a blacksmith in his workshop molding cast steel (material) to create a unique object, we bring your ideas to life using the most advanced technology available to guarantee a consulting service for design that can solve even the most complex issues in the steel construction field. We offer our services to private and public customers, construction companies, industries, architectural and engineering companies who need a multidisciplinary integrated design from the first idea of the project to the construction detail of each item.

B.I.M. Design

This is the B.I.M. philosophy (Building Information Modeling), an innovative process of design that, by using a specific set of software, allows a continuous exchange of computer data involving a large number of stakeholders from design and construction to operation and maintenance. This philosophy strongly reduces the probability of errors during work execution phases, guarantees construction times, decreases unexpected added costs and allows for the design of projects with high energetic, environmental and economic sustainability.


The ethical principles underlying our services are conducted through a relationship of utmost fairness, honesty and punctuality with customers. Moreover we try to guarantee the continuous improvement of our skills through the study of scientific literature, training, use of the best software available, cultural comparisons with other professionals and university professors.

The Steel

In our opinion, developed through our experience, the best material for construction, which fully satisfies all the aforementioned principles, is the steel. Steel is a technological, industrial and recyclable material that requires a rigorous design right from its first conception and in every detail connecting all the people involved in the design and construction in order to minimize the possibility of any unexpected problems.

About Us

Marcello Riccetti

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Master Degree in Civil Engineering, Structures Section, University of Florence: School of Engineering.
Thesis: “Strengthening of reinforced concrete beams with composite materials: analytical and numerical study of the problems related to stress transfer interface".
Researcher at the Civil Engineering Department of Florence: Safety of existing buildings. (2003 – 2004).
Since 2004 Freelancer Civil Engineer: structural Designer in the civil field.

Giovanni Cugusi

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Master Degree in Civil Engineering, Hydraulic Section, University of Florence: School of Engineering.
Since 2008 Freelancer Civil Engineer: structural Designer in the civil field.
Academic and professional skills in english language certified by the Course for the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) at the “American Language Center” of Florence (Italy) (June 2014).